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                    Our Client List (Sample)


                    Ag Water Solutions
                    Albury TAFE Campus
                    Anything Reptiles
                    Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)
                    Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
                    Australian Reptiles
                    Australian Ultra Violet Service
                    Balcatta Vet Hospital
                    Ballarat Wildlife Park
                    Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
                    Bunarong Aquarium
                    Bundaberg Regional Council
                    Bureau Of Meteorology Regional Instruments Centre
                    Cairns Aquarium
                    Canberra Reptile Sanctuary
                    Cancer Council ACT
                    Cancer Council NSW
                    Cancer Council SA – SunSmart
                    Cancer Council VIC – SunSmart
                    Cancer Council WA
                    Central Institute of Technology Renewable Energy Section
                    Country Fire Authority Victoria
                    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
                    Curtin University of Technology School of Pharmacy
                    CQ University Australia Centre For Plant & Water Science
                    Danone Murray Goulburn Pty Ltd
                    Department Of Defence Science And Technology Maritime Division
                    Dermal Aesthetics Laser Clinic
                    Emona Instruments
                    Environdata Weather Stations
                    Flowtech WA
                    GoldMed Engineering Services
                    Greencross Vets
                    Healesville Sanctuary Victoria
                    Healthtronics Sunsafe
                    Herpetological Society of New Zealand
                    Independent Airflow Services
                    Karingal Veterinary Hospital
                    Latrobe University Physics Department
                    Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital
                    Melbourne Museum (Live Exhibits)
                    Monash University
                    NSW Dept Of Primary Industries Gosford Horticultural Institute
                    Oceanworld Manly
                    Pet Lab Australia
                    Perth Zoo Veterinary Department
                    Powerhouse Museum
                    Princess Alexandra Hospital Building, Engineering, Maintenance Services
                    Pro-Knit Industries
                    Radiation Health Unit (QLD)
                    Radiation Health (WA)
                    Radiation Protection Environmental Health (NT)
                    Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
                    RMIT University School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering
                    RMIT University College of Science, Engineering and Health
                    Rockhampton Zoo
                    School of Marine & Tropical Biology James Cook University
                    Skin Check WA
                    Snakes Downunder Reptile Park
                    Southern Cross Reptile Supplies
                    South West Healthcare
                    Sunshine Coast TAFE
                    Symbio Wildlife Park
                    TAFESA Adelaide South Institute
                    Taronga Conservation Society
                    Taronga Western Plains Zoo
                    Tatura Milk Industries Limited
                    Temora Aviation Museum
                    Translational Research Institute
                    University of Adelaide School of Agriculture Research
                    University of Canberra Faculty of Applied Science
                    University of Newcastle Advanced Research Centre Technology
                    University of Newcastle Biological Sciences
                    University of Newcastle Bioresources
                    University of NSW School Of Medical Sciences
                    University of NSW School of Chemical Engineering
                    University of NSW School of Photovoltaic’s & Renewable Energy Engineering
                    University of Melbourne Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
                    University of Melbourne Department of Biosciences
                    University of Otago Department of Zoology
                    University of South Australia
                    University of Southern Queensland
                    University of Sydney School of Biological Sciences
                    University of Tasmania School of Human Life Sciences
                    University of Technology School of Physics and Advanced Materials
                    University of Wellington Research Trust of Victoria
                    University of Queensland School of Biomedical Sciences
                    University of Western Australia
                    University of Western Sydney Department Of Paediatrics & Child Health
                    University of Western Sydney
                    University of Wollongong
                    Urrbrae Agricultural High School
                    Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre
                    Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
                    Weather Works Australia
                    Wild Life Sydney Zoo
                    WorldMark Film Division
                    World Vision Australia