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                    _The SLM100 Can Be Matched With Various UVC Germicidal Detectors



                    The SLM100 UV lamp monitor can reduce maintenance costs by determining exactly when lamps need to be serviced. The SLM100 continuously monitors relative lamp output from 0% to 100%. It provides a cost-effective and trouble-free method of determining exactly when lamps need to be removed for cleaning or replacement.

                    The probe is “calibrated” after initial installation of the lamp bank and readjusted after cleaning.?The SLM100 lamp monitor is adjusted to indicate 100% for new/clean lamps. Then appropriate operator alert levels are set for the specified decrease in intensity.?

                    As the lamps deteriorate, the SLM100 lamp monitor tracks the lamp output through the attached germicidal detector. A warning threshold can be set to turn on a warning indicator and activate a relay for external control. If the lamps continue to deteriorate, a second threshold (the error threshold) can be set which when crossed will turn on an error indicator and set a second relay which can also be used for external control.

                    Both thresholds are programmable from 0% to 100% levels.? The input of the SLM100 lamp monitor accepts a 4 to 20ma detector (two wire). In addition to the display and alarms, the monitor has a 4 to 20ma output which represents the 0% to 100% on the display.? This output can be used for remote monitoring or sent to a data collection system.



                    To enquire on the SLM100 Germicidal Lamp Monitor please click on the link below or use the contact page.

                    When requesting a quote please provide details on which detector/s you are interested in, which are listed at the bottom of this page.



                    Constant UVC Germicidal Lamp Monitoring. Separate Sensors also available for Water Treatment and Water Sterilisation Applications


                    Warning And Error Threshold
                    Alarms Simple 0% to 100% Output Display
                    Large 0.56” LED Display
                    AC or DC Power Input
                    Easy One-Step Calibration
                    Power Relays For External Warning Devices
                    Large LED Display
                    Coloured Indicator Lights


                    SLM100 Sensor Options:



                    SLM100 Sensor PDF's


                    PW254 Germicidal UVC Disinfection Sensor
                    UW254 Underwater Germicidal Detector



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