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                    SF-8 Medical UVB Ultraviolet Phototherapy Light Canopy


                    This Device Contains Narrow Band 312nm UVB Medical Grade Lamps And Is Only To Be Used Based On Medical Prescription For Treating The Following Conditions.
                    • Psoriasis
                    • Vitiligo
                    • Atopic Eczema


                    Features / Specifications
                    • 8 x 312nm Narrow Band Ultraviolet Lamps (Tanses-NB-1VB-100W)
                    • 2mm UVB Transmitting Acrylic Sheet To Prevent Contact With Lamps
                    • Medical Grade Digital On-Board Timer With Power Off Memory Retention
                    • Medical Grade Power Inlet With EMC/EMI Filtration
                    • Durable High Quality Metal Construction (Anodized Aluminium)
                    • Thermal Shutdown On System Failure With Over Current Fusing Protection
                    • 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz @ 3.5 Amps - Standard 10 Amp House Circuit
                    • 1000 Hour Lamp Life @ 20% Output Loss At End Of Lamp Life
                    • 8.42mW/cm^2 In UVB Range @ 25cm From Acrylic Shield
                    • Manufactured According To ISO 13485 Quality Controls
                    • Conforms To CSA/NRTL/ANSI Standards UL1431
                    • Anodized Aluminium Reflector
                    • 4 x Lockable Medical Grade Casters
                    • Pivots Vertically To Ensure Minimal Storage Space Requirements
                    • Counter Balanced For Effortless Height And Tilt Adjustment


                      Warnings / Contraindications


                    • Read The User Manual Thoroughly Before Using This Device
                    • Do Not Use This Device Without Your Physician's Approval
                    • Consult Your Pharmacist Before Using Device As Some Medications May Be Photo Reactive
                    • Do Not Look Directly At The Lamps Without Wearing Approved Eye Protection
                    • Not Tested On Pregnant Women
                    • Ensure To Have Regular Check Ups At Your Dermatologist
                    • May Cause Aging Of The Skin And Skin Cancers With Prolonged Long Term Use

                    To enquire on the SF-8 Phototherapy Unit please click on the link below or use the contact page.

                    When requesting a quote please provide quantity and suburb/state for postage/delivery details.